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Empire UK Ghostbusters Magazine Articles Added To Magazine Rack


Written By: Richard Roy

As we’re (obviously) not in the United Kingdom and I only wanted to share the Ghostbusters articles anyway I didn’t want to, (with currency rates) buy a digital version of Empire from June 2016. I did the next best thing for ghostheads, scan my copy.

I wasn’t planning on doing that today, I guess I’ve been wanting to. I made high-res scans of the covers, editor’s letter, features, Ghostbusters: Answer The Call article, and Ghostbusters article with Dan Ackroyd. I saved the articles as two PDF files.

Why two? I know not every ghosthead is a fan of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. If one really only wants to read the “classic” article with Dan Aykroyd, I thought of “you.”

Both the complete Empire magazine and just the Ghostbusters article, titled The Ghost Writer have been added to the Magazine Rack.

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Mad Cracked People Added To Magazine Rack


Written By: Richard Roy

Recently after writing about UK fast food franchise Wimpy and their Ghostbusters II kids meal commercial (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, March 31, 2017) I was wondering if ghost heads had a digital copy of UK magazine Empire from June 2016. That also had me thinking about MAD Movie Classics (Ghostbusters Firehouse Blog Post, February 7, 2015) special. I asked at Ecto-Containment’s Facebook page if someone had a digital copy of either publication. While their hasn’t been an exact match yet, ghosthead Alex Newborn shared scans from one of his Facebook albums.

Within the one album were scans of Ghostbusters articles from People WeeklyCracked, and MAD magazines. With Alex Newborn’s permission I’ve saved the files, cleaned them up some where necessary and made PDF files of just the Ghostbusters periodicals.

Six new magazines have been added to the Magazine Rack. Where I’ve organized magazines, comics, a coloring book, and more by month and year. Some exceptions apply with Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Publications


Yesterday (later in the day) we created a new page to add to The Magazine Rack. Why would we need to create a new page? The waiting area has a lot of newer reading material, all pertaining to Ghostbusters: The Video Game!

We uploaded and added 16 US and international publications before, during, and after the release of Ghostbusters: The Video Game for XBOX, PS3/PS2, PC, (mostly Windows) and Nintendo Entertainment Systems!

Today we uploaded and added 4 game guides (3 official from Prima and one from GameSpot) along with 6 game instruction manuals.

All files are in the PDF format. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for your Windows or Mac computer.

Most material was provided for our sites by Paul Rudoff, webmaster of Spook Central. Multiple PDF files were put together by Richard Roy.

Still waiting? Grab some Ghostbusters: The Video Game magazines from The Magazine Rack.

Photo Source: Originally Terminal Reality

Tomart’s Action Figure Digests Nos. 52 & 92


Tomart’s Action Figure Digest, a toy magazine that also included a price guide on toys of yesteryear wrote about Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters (Ecto-Containment) toys at least twice.

Issue #52 (PDF) covered the “greatest figures never made.” When it came to The Real Ghostbusters this included Backpack Heroes, Glow Copter vehicle, Fire Fighter vehicle, and the most well known Egon’s Lab play set.

Issue #92 (PDF) included an article about all of Kenner’s The Real Ghostbusters toys with photos included. If you wanted to know at the time is any of this stuff worth any monetary value? Tomart’s had ghostheads covered with a price guide.

We had a page or two of No. 92 laying around HQ for years and eventually were going to add them to one of our sites. In a way it worked out better for everyone as Paul Rudoff, who runs Spook Central offered his PDF files for Ghostbusters Firehouse to share.

As an aside Paul has previously shared other Ghostbusters related magazines with the company. They’ll be added in a future update.

Both issues of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest have been added to The Magazine Rack.

The Magazine Rack


Nearly two months ago I was tasked with making Ghostbusters Firehouse more like its brick and mortar location when possible. I knew a pretty good place to start too, Ghostbusters reading material.

A new section was added to build from, based off Ghostbusters waiting room. In an era before mobile technological devices, one might read some kind of periodical or other printed material. True, you could watch TV. This is the Ghostbusters website, not the tall, glass skyscraper we know as Ghostbusters Inc. Read the rest of this entry

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