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Playmobil Ecto-1 Photos


As we get a little closer to Playmobil (US) releasing their Ghostbusters play sets, Playmobil has shared new, detailed photos of ECTO-1. Let’s go for a ride!

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Playmobil Ghostbusters Sets

Written By: Richard Roy

Playmobil (US) has been preparing (GBI Blog Post, January 9, 2017) to release their line of Ghostbusters play sets. Something that could have only been imaginable 30 years ago. If you were an older kid like myself, you didn’t imagine the two would go together. They would have then as they will today.

Playmobil revealed their upcoming Ghostbusters play sets to ghostheads. Except for what I perceive as modern packaging design, these sets feel like they could easily be re-releases from 1987.

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Mad Movie Classics Ghostbusters Cover


Near of the end of January MAD released a collector’s edition with reprints of 21 movie spoofs. Two of the spoofs are based off Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. Whether its because Ghostbusters turned 30 last year or it’s dear to MAD (imagine that) Ghostbusters owns the cover art.

Looks like the artists at MAD came up with all new Ghostbusters art featuring Alfred E. Neuman as a Ghostbusters haphazardly trying to bust their interpretation of Slimer.

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When Ghostbusters NYC originally launched, the Ectomobiles were part of The Tools. What we couldn’t have known then was that 5 years later (probably sooner to actually do the restoration) Sony was going to spend a “a load of bread to capitalize” on the one and only screen used 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ambulance/Hearse combo. Known generally to everyone whose seen Ghostbusters as ECTO-1. Although it was called Ectomobile (in song) during Ghostbusters.

Past Ghostbusters 25th anniversary and into Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary if Sony wasn’t using ECTO-1 for an event, it can be found on Sony’s backlot (don’t quote me on that) where it has been seen as part of a tour. As that has been the case and it was a milestone year for Ghostbusters, plenty of fans got to see the choice ’59 Cadillac.

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Peter Venkman’s Business Card On Display


The Indianapolis Children’s Museum has an exhibit running through July 26, 2015 about ‘Inside Hollywood.’ The displays feature props from movies such as Men In Black, Spider-Man, and oh yeah GHØSTBUSTERS! If all three films have one thing in common, they’re all from Sony/Columbia Pictures. Sony has loaned the Indianapolis Children’s Museum around 5 Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II screen used props/set dressing. Some specifically worn by Bill Murray.

  • Ghostbusters Flight Suit (we think)
  • Proton Pack
  • Ghostbusters II Belt Gizmo
  • Star Magazine Cover
  • Dr. Venkman “Ghostbusters II” Business Card

The business card “prop” can be seen (not close like this) on Janine Melnitz (Annie Potts) desk. This business card not only has a fictional address to Ghostbusters HQ, (110 North Moore St) but Dr. Venkman’s real address with telephone number. Dr. Venkman probably did live around there, not sure if that was his street. Why the personal number? I guess real emergencies or to meet women? This was of course as I guess before he and Dana would have gotten to know each other again.

Rob Zetzer took the above picture with more pictures. Which he has shared at Imgur.

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