20th Anniversary



Hey guys it’s Ray Stantz here again. Tens years ago was the 20th anniversary of this great company. During 2004 I figured that I’d give you all a taste of how things changed since that first year we were in business as popularized in our movie.  So I am going to give you a brief tour of the places that hold meaning for this organization.





Columbia University/The University

 columbia columbia2 columbia3

First up is Columbia University.  This is the place that gave Pete, Egon, and I the grant to allow us to begin to realize our dream of studying the popular phenomena of ghosts and the supernatural.

Like everything else in this world we would eventually return to our starting point, Columbia University. To the building that Egon worked at after we went bankrupt in the late 1980’s where he furthered the research that he and I started as Ghostbusters. Now it is the site of our offices at Columbia University as adjunct professors of Parapsych 307 and Paranormal Studies 101.

New York Public Library (Main Branch)

nypl nyplions nyplreading

Next up is the main branch of the New York Public Library.  This is where we ran (quite literally) into our first human-like manifestation, that gave us the crucial data on actually capturing an holding a ghost indefinitely.

Bank Of Manhattan


This is the facade of the bank that was nice enough to not look at our credit when they allowed us to get a loan for a considerable sum to start our ghost busting business.  It is now no longer a bank, hell the Bank of Manhattan has merged so many times not even Louis could keep up with it.

 55 Central Park West

churchinmytown 55cpwest

This brings us to 55 (was 550) Central Park West, sans the top three floors.  This is of course the site of our famous duel with Mr. Stay Puft.  As you can see the church and the high rise have since been restored. The apartment, under our suggestion, was rebuilt with out the Gozerian cult temple, for obvious reasons.

We have additional photos from our 20th Anniversary which could be added to Ghostbusters NYC as well.


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