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Playmobil Ghostbusters Firehouse Photos


As we get a little closer to Playmobil (US) releasing their Ghostbusters play sets, Playmobil has shared new, detailed photos of the Ghostbusters Firehouse. This is the next best thing to being here!

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New York Toy Fair Playmobil Booth


Written By: Richard Roy

Pixel Dan, “toy reviewer” was at this year New York Toy Fair where Dan made a video looking over Playmobil Ghostbusters (US) figures and in more detail Playmobil Ghostbusters Firehouse.


Ghostbusters Firehouse Gets Social


When we relaunched Ghostbusters NYC aka Ghostbusters Firehouse last month we didn’t feel their was a need to have one more social media account to oversee. As we began to share more updates through Ghostbusters Incorporated’s social media accounts, the timing felt right to create a Ghostbusters/Firehouse social media presence.

You can Follow us on Twitter @GhostbustersHL8. We were surprised that handle wasn’t taken. It wasn’t initially our first choice, we really like it. For now when we update Ghostbusters Firehouse, tweets will be automatic. Their can be more of a personal touch with updates and Ghostbusters talk.

What about other social media?

Ghostbusters Firehouse doesn’t currently have a Facebook, Google +, or any other social media accounts. One or more may come to pass. They’re currently not really needed.

With the new Twitta machine, we’ve updated the side menu to support @GhostbustersHL8 instead of the much more corporate GB Inc.

Snowmageddon Firehouse


A member of the Ghostbusters Dutch Division stopped by before the snowstorm to end all snowstorms. Oh wait, thankfully the latter didn’t happen. This photo of Ray’s home was posted through their Twitter account.

Janine Melnitz, a member of Dr. Venkman’s staff is outside, maybe taking a break after 2 weeks. :p


Yes! One of our Dutch members had traveled far and reached the holyland, just before

Welcome to Ghostbusters Firehouse


Written By: Richard Roy (Spengs)

Hey real Ghostbusters fans, we want to welcome you to the original GHOSTBUSTERS web site. Original and version 2.o. Or would that be version 3.1? Whatever version this is, its a major upgrade from a decade ago. Is their still cellophane on the About NYCGBs page?

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