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Print Isn’t Dead, Just Digitally Preserved In Ecto-Containment


When Ghostbusters was celebrating its 24th anniversary I began to preserve out of print Ghostbusters content, adding it to then Ectocontainment. Trivia: I’m pretty sure it was The Real Ghostbusters Jumbo Coloring Book. (Ecto-Containment PDF file) I didn’t even have a physical copy of it! In 2011 I did have plenty of physical Real/Ghostbusters out of print materials to preserve. Mainly my legacy with The Real Ghostbusters Magazine(s) and NOW The Real Ghostbusters comics. They were originally hosted at Ectocontainment, later Ecto-Containment. The digital files would evolve thanks to ghostheads Matthew Jordan and Paul Rudoff. From then to present day as I had or was given permission to share “newer” physical content I did and would.

Originally my files were so large I didn’t have enough space to host them all at Ecto-Containment. Even with a team effort and so I could host other files here I made the decision to move all the preservation files from the basement to upstairs. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, April 22, 2015)

All periodicals have been here at Ghostbusters Firehouse for the last 4 years to this day. I’ve always wanted to bring it all back to Ecto-Containment. That was my plan. Today on my day off that’s exactly what I did.

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Support Staff Added


When we were rebuilding Ghostbusters Firehouse we re-added Founders, a section with short bios for the Ghostbusters. As their wasn’t a bio for Ghostbusters first employee, we didn’t write one yet. We continued working to complete the main sections of the site. We’d never forget Janine or our good friend Louis. Read the rest of this entry

Ghostbusters Merchandise Links Organized


When the original Links section was created we knew we were missing some of our licensees. With the annual New York Toy Fair concluded (GB Inc coverage) we’ve organized and added Ghostbusters NYC business associates. If we’ve missed a licensee, please let us know, corrections can be made.

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Ghostbusters Firehouse Gets Social


When we relaunched Ghostbusters NYC aka Ghostbusters Firehouse last month we didn’t feel their was a need to have one more social media account to oversee. As we began to share more updates through Ghostbusters Incorporated’s social media accounts, the timing felt right to create a Ghostbusters/Firehouse social media presence.

You can Follow us on Twitter @GhostbustersHL8. We were surprised that handle wasn’t taken. It wasn’t initially our first choice, we really like it. For now when we update Ghostbusters Firehouse, tweets will be automatic. Their can be more of a personal touch with updates and Ghostbusters talk.

What about other social media?

Ghostbusters Firehouse doesn’t currently have a Facebook, Google +, or any other social media accounts. One or more may come to pass. They’re currently not really needed.

With the new Twitta machine, we’ve updated the side menu to support @GhostbustersHL8 instead of the much more corporate GB Inc.

The Tools Of The Trade

spengspkemeter arealgbflightsuit gbsfirehousepack2

When importing The Tools from the way back machine I knew more equipment pics could be added. I also wasn’t totally satisfied with the original equipment pictures. Those could have been replaced with about the same photos. Their were either watermarks (go figure) or digital timestamps from some obsolete Sony Cybershot.

I “politely borrowed” a few pictures. They should be flattered really. Those talented ghostheads were credited on the Links page, near the top. And if you really want your prop replica pics removed, let me know. No problem. For some other equipment I somewhat painstakingly took pics of my personal Ghostbusters gear. What did I exactly do? Read the rest of this entry



When Ghostbusters NYC originally launched, the Ectomobiles were part of The Tools. What we couldn’t have known then was that 5 years later (probably sooner to actually do the restoration) Sony was going to spend a “a load of bread to capitalize” on the one and only screen used 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ambulance/Hearse combo. Known generally to everyone whose seen Ghostbusters as ECTO-1. Although it was called Ectomobile (in song) during Ghostbusters.

Past Ghostbusters 25th anniversary and into Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary if Sony wasn’t using ECTO-1 for an event, it can be found on Sony’s backlot (don’t quote me on that) where it has been seen as part of a tour. As that has been the case and it was a milestone year for Ghostbusters, plenty of fans got to see the choice ’59 Cadillac.

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