Support Staff


As the Ghostbusters receptionist and senior administrator, Janine Melnitz is the epoxy that keeps the Ghostbusters together. When really no one believed the Ghostbusters, Janine still showed up at The Firehouse, ready to get things done. By that we mean read magazines, get to know Dr. Spengler better, and take care of her nails.

Then we started getting calls. Any excitement Janine initially felt quickly turned to frustration. Once she was able to take a break after two weeks, she felt totally like herself.

As we got to know Janine we learned she’d do anything to not only protect us, our business too. Without her, Ghostbusters would have seen the sign long before we saved the world the first time.



louistullynot5thgbLouis Tully, accountant and Chief Financial Officer, was once a neighbor of our first client and on again, off again relationship to Peter Venkman, Dana Barrett.

Louis was chosen (for convenience sakes) to be Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster of Gozer. When the Ghostbusters defeated Gozer and ruined the reputation of The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Corporation, Louis was more or less himself. Dr. Spengler took a brain tissue sample to be sure.

Since we had more then enough to deal with afterwards Louis became our accountant. When we reopened for business Louis came to work for us full time. Even making a fairly decent attempt to keep us out of jail. Thanks to those law degree night classes.

From the planning stages to the grand opening, and even today Louis Tully keeps our business expenses and taxes in check as Ghostbusters International’s Chief Financial Officer.

Despite what Louis will tell anyone who will listen at anytime its brought up, (by him may we add) he isn’t the 5th Ghostbuster. Even with secret training and suiting up that fateful New Years Eve.


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