Hey everybody, Dr. Ray Stantz here. In this day and age of Franchises stretching across the globe, there are not many who don’t know of our exploits.  It still amazes me, that 30 odd years later the chants we get while on a routine bust in New York City.  It is these people that keep me going.  I won’t lie, I’ve thought of hanging up my Ecto-Goggles and Proton Pack and just being a consultant like my collegues have done.  Now don’t get me wrong Pete, Ziggy, Z Man, and I still love busting, but I’m the only one who still suits up and goes out on busts everyday. (Alright Winston is a close second!)  But I digress. While at Columbia University a group of four parapsychology students (with varying degrees of seriousness) joined forces to make paranormal research a socially acceptable science. Those four students were Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Michael Draverhaven. Unfortunately all was not well and Draverhaven went insane and  tried to kill me.  Ahem. Pete, Egon and I continued our work in Weaver Hall of Columbia University until Pete failed to wow them and our grant was terminated.

We found ourselves down our luck until Pete suggested we take our “pseudoscience” into a legitimate service industry.  Professional paranormal investigation and elimination.  Pete figured that everyday Joes are much more susceptible in a belief of the paranormal then the “university stiffs” we had as our peers.  We became The Ghostbusters, the  world’s first exterminators of the paranormal.  Though we had that market cornered it was tough for the first few weeks, until the Sedgwick Hotel called about a disturbance on the 12th floor.  The equipment worked perfectly as we bumbled through acting like we’ve busted ghosts before.

After that the calls poured in.  We were living up to our 24/7 motto.  Then the  Venkman “magic” kicked in.  Soon we were the topic of news programs and periodicals across the US.  Everybody wanted a piece of the Ghostbusters.  Autographs, pictures, and interviews were too much for us so we hired Winston Zeddemore almost sight unseen. (it was the best decision we ever made)  This attention soon hit the opportunists who wanted in on the action without doing any of the grunt work.  This leads me to Mr. Walter “Pecker” Peck who, under the auspicious of the EPA (3rd District) set out on getting the government it’s piece.  Bent on proving us to be frauds, he claimed we had hazardous waste in our basement and shut down the protection grid.  This was all Gozer needed to make it’s entrance into our world.  Luckily the Mayor had enough sense not to believe Mr. Pecker and let us do our thing.  Did we know what to do?  Nope, but we figured no one else was even remotely qualified.

The Gozer incident was just what Pete needed to try and get a movie about us made.  He found Dan Aykroyd who at the time was writing a futuristic tale of ghost chasers, which was eerily close to what happened to us.  Danny spent a few months at the Firehouse trying to learn as much as possible.  Everyone joked about how closely Dan and I looked, I didn’t see any resemblance.  In fact Dan originally wanted to play the Egon role, but Pete talked him out of it.

The HUGE movie premiere of Ghostbusters provided Pete all the reasons he needed to get the franchising division off the ground with Ghostbusters International, and with in six months we had interest in some of the biggest cities worldwide; Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Tokyo! During that time we survived a run in with Draverhaven and Venkman signed deals for toys, games, cartoons, and apparel.  We were bigger then life.  Too big actually.  It all came crashing down a couple of years after Gozer.  The lawsuits became too much and Ghostbusters went bankrupt.

We all went our separate ways.  Egon and I kept in close contact, Winston and I did parties to keep the name out there,  and Pete stopped by Ray’s Occult occasionally, but the fun was over.  Until fate intervened in the form of a Carpathian Tyrant living in a 10 foot tall portrait. With the help of the Statute of Liberty we beat the monster on New Year’s Eve or was it New Year’s by the time we won? Any way we were back and Pete got Ghostbusters International up and running.

Things were humming by relatively smoothly when Pete got the wacky idea to get another cartoon launched.  It was decided to be based on the young guys working for us from Egon’s Paranormal 101 class at Columbia University. Unfortunately Pete busy with GBI signed away creative rights to a team of writers who spent ZERO time with us.  They made Kylie, Eddie, Roland, and Garret politically correct, yet horribly stereotypical characters.  Hell they even made up ridiculous reasons for Pete, Winston, and I leaving the company. We quickly got Louis on them to burry the show. And damn loopholes, for years they had the rights to produce Extreme GB video games. Even though only Kylie is still an active Ghostbuster.

That brings us up to the 21st Century. Global growth with GBI and worldwide franchise expansion. Which has Pete’s creative juices flowing. He realized that there was and still is a market for us. He worked to get a new Novel about Pete and Winston’s run for Mayor in the early 1990’s (Though the book had a different outcome), and new comic based on our first year in business, action figures, and costumes. And a lot more merch since! We’re still bustin’ heads…in a spiritual sense of course, although some not as much as others.

So for now this is Dr. Raymond Stantz saying, “I’ll see ya on the other side.”

  1. I like Ray Stantz!


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