The Flight Suits

Our khaki flight suits were custom made by Gibson & Barnes. We had the look, they weren’t exactly tested until our first call at The Sedgewick Hotel. We quickly learned (thanks to Peter) ectoplasm not only can smell, it leaves stains. As we were becoming busier Spengler and I began developing a slime stain defender. We barely had time to patent it before being shut down for approximately 5 years.

Once that judicial restraining order case had been dismissed and we freely reopened we needed new flight suits. In part because of our successful real cartoon and for marketing purposes Venkman also had us order new navy blue (can look gray due to lighting and film!) uniforms.

During the 1990s we got back to the slime stain defender. Essentially its a lining that protects a Ghostbuster from odorous ectoplasm staining their uniform. Even though the stain defender had been patented during the previous decade, the clothing company Dockers also had a patented stain defender. Litigation would soon follow. Details of the case have been confidential. We’re confident in our product and continue to explore directions we can take the Slime Stain Defender in.

If you’re making your own Ghostbusters uniform, Spengs has written an excellent article. We’ll also list the basics here.

What You’ll Need/To Buy On-Line

The Uniform

A rookie or long time Ghostbuster doesn’t have to buy a custom flight suit. For the budget conscious their are choices. We recommend from various experiences a Tru-Spec 27/P flight suit.


Whichever you prefer, you’ll need a Ghostbusters or “Ghostbusters II” no ghost logo patch.

Ghostbusters licensee ANOVOS Productions LLC. sells official “no ghost” patches based on the look we had in the earlier 1980s.

Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II “no ghost” logo patches can be bought from Katarra and Ghostbusters Fans (Uniform) Shop. Other on-line retailers sell them, they may not be accurate.

Before we ever had ID cards we came up with our version of a name tag. A custom name patch in a Ghostbusters or “Ghostbusters II” style can be bought from Katarra and Ghostbusters Fans (Uniform) Shop.


Web/pistol belts are used for both the khaki and navy blue flight suits. A khaki belt is worn with the khaki flight suits. Military retailers sell them, they may be not accurate to our originals. Ghostbusters Fans (Uniform) Shop sells more accurate khaki web/pistol belts.

A black belt is worn with the navy blue flight suits. While military sites may also sell black web/pistol belts, it can also be bought from Ghostbusters Fans (Uniform) Shop.

Belt Accessories

  • Three 3/4″ leather key fobs.
  • Radio Hostler
  • C-Cell Flashlight Hostler
  • Belt Gizmo®
  • Ghost Trap Hostler

Elbow Pads

We weren’t sure if we’d use elbow pads more then kneepads. To save money before the checks cleared we bought large grey volleyball knee pads. Which are worn over the flight suits as elbow pads. Our main source Cannon Sports no longer makes gray pads. Over the last couple of decades most Ghostbusters buy white along with black RIT dye.

In recent years Ghostbusters Fans (Uniform) Shop began selling accurate gray pads.

Leg Hose Connector

On the very same day Venkman, Spengler, and myself were let go from the University we came face to ectoplasmic face with the “library ghost.” We weren’t expecting an eternal nice library ghost to change forms. We reacted appropriately. Fortunately we were in control of our situation. In case we ever weren’t we came up with a Leg Hose Connector system.

Some Ghostbusters prefer to make their own. They can be bought from at least a couple of sources. The tan Leg Hose Connector which is made from rubber can be bought from either Nick A Tron Props or Ghostbusters Fans (Uniform) Shop.

A yellow (or clear) hose 1/2″ diameter connects from the Leg Hose Connector to the uniform. Hoses can be bought in big box hardware stores or from Ghostbusters Fans (Uniform) Shop.

We were less scared than when we first went into business. When Peter wanted the new navy blue uniforms we chose not to implement a leg hose system. It can still be an option. If its one you decide a gray Leg Hose Connector can be bought from either Nick A Tron Props or Ghostbusters Fans (Uniform) Shop.


The Corcoran 985 side zipper jump boots we wear can cost a pretty penny. If you’re getting started you may want to consider a less expensive, still comfortable option. We highly recommend Working Person’s Store. You can usually save at least 10% on your order.


To protect yourself from arcing confinement streams and ectoplasm you’ll want a pair of chemical gloves. They can be bought from various on-line retailers.


During the late ’80s, similar to Fire Departments we added Lifegard II P.A.S.S (Personal Alert Safety System) alarms to our web/pistol belts. How technology has evolved unless the world is about to end, the Lifegard systems aren’t as necessary.

If you’d like one, even for the look Nick-A-Tron Props sells Lifegard II castings.


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