Bill Murray in Costume for


Dr. Peter Venkman always new that the franchise rights alone would make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. Soon after the Ghostbusters regrouped in 1989, Peter began putting time and effort in growing Ghostbusters Incorporated into the Fortune 500 powerhouse that it is today. Dr. V. went into a partial retirement from the intense world of paranormal eliminations to become President of Ghostbusters International. (GBI)







Dr. Ray Stantz remains an active Ghostbuster and maintains the NYC firehouse and recruits the new employees that help Winston and himself bust some Big Apple heads…in a spiritual sense of course. Ray is so devoted to the job that Peter Venkman often remarks that they’ll have to pry his proton gun from his cold dead hands.






Dr. Egon Spengler was happier than ever when he finally completed his dream lab. When the new offices for Ghostbusters International (GBI) opened in the spring of 2000, Egon commissioned a gleaming, sterile paranormal research lab where he could conduct the experiments the he and Ray only theorized about as Ghostbusters.



Ask anyone around the firehouse and they’ll tell you the Ghostbusters wouldn’t be complete without their resident ‘everyday man’, Winston Zeddemore. Unlike the other three, Winston, isn’t a parapsychologist, he busts ghosts. Winston also remains an active Ghostbuster, and runs Ft. Arnold, the GB training facility in an abandoned Boy Scout Camp in Northern New Jersey, just outside the Delaware Water Gap.






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