The Ectomobile(s) are our company cars, so to speak. The original ECTO-1 is a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ambulance. The car is sought after for it’s highly recognizable Caddy “Fins” This was the most extreme year for fins which makes this car a hot collectors item. I worked my ass off restoring that car, but a proper restoration was put off when we were forced to shutdown.


Before our 1989 reopening, the ECTO-1’s engine seized up and luckily enough, a second 1959 Ambulance surfaced. This one was purchased from a private collection and was in better condition. It was dubbed the ECTO-1a and was fitted with updated ghost sensing (ecto-location) gear, and Dr. V. added a ton of marketing tools, such as the scrolling LED signs, Brighter multi-colored lights and advertising graphics.


When Ghostbusters became highly profitable post our battle with Vigo and into our Ghostbusters International ‘era’ we restored ECTO-1 almost to its 1959 space age glory! It didn’t hurt that our 25th year in business was coming up either. Pete saw the write off (or not Louis) as worthwhile since we used ECTO-1 to promote our greatest video game along with other anniversary merchandise, and meet & greet with our fans. We, well I still use her as a mostly daily driver!


ecto1courthouse ecto1whitewalls gbsecto1sidequip

ecto1driverside yellowtanksprotoncan ecto1protoncan

yellowtankbluetube ecto1roofequip ecto1wideladder

ecto1rearinside ecto1rear ecto1gettingcloser


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