Our original HQ, and my (Ray Stantz) residence. This building was an old New York City firehouse, that we bought from the city in late 1983. Though it was an unique fixer-upper, it was still quite expensive, but it fit my image of what The Ghostbusters were, a paranormal first-aid squad. (Actually it was the pole. -Dr. V.) Due to the substandard wiring the Firehouse needed massive overhaul to support the grid before we could open for business.


The Firehouse received a second, more thorough refurbishing/restoration in 1984 when Mr. Peck(er) caused the containment unit to blow by shutting off the protection grid. Even though the Ghostbusters Incorporated franchise offices moved to a larger complex in Manhattan, the Firehouse still functions as the base of operations and staging area for the Original Ghostbusters team that I lead on a daily basis.


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