Winter 1991



Pg. 9 Telephone Tangle
The Whole gang is caught up in a web of phone lines.

Pg. 10 Silence, Please!
It’s New year’s Eve-but will a pesky spirit ruin the party?

Pg. 18 The Family Tree
When a wood sprite threatens a family’s elm tree, it’s The Real Ghostbusters to the rescue!

Pg. 21 Supernatural Snacks
Looking for new thrills in eating? Try these freaky foods you can make yourself.

Pg. 22 Meet a Monster
Dr. Venkman clues you in to “The Mystery of the Loch Ness Monster.”

Pg. 24 Can You Believe Your Eyes?
Try to solve these tricky optical illusion puzzles-they’re not as easy as they look!

Pg 27 What’s Wrong With Ecto-1?
Winston and Slimer need help finding all the things wrong with The Real Ghostbusters’ wheels.


  1. These are fantastic. Thanks for sharing the scans. I have never seen this one. I thought it ended with Fall of 90. Any chance you have good single scans of the double page posters in them? I tried stitching them together from the PDF and it didn’t work that well. Thanks, again.


  2. You’re welcome. Their had been some debate at the time about how many issues their actually were. As time passed and the remaining issues we needed were available through a popular auction site we’d find out.

    I had fond memories, (I’m sure like most ghostheads) of The Real Ghostbusters Magazine. I began sharing them through what would become during the 2000s.

    I checked for Winter ’91 and I have the individual .jpg files for the poster scans. I could probably post the files to Ghostbusters Firehouse when I have time. I wouldn’t promise anyone an exact date or time.

    If a ghosthead follows or subscribes they’ll know when updates like the poster files become available. I appreciate you visiting Ghostbusters Firehouse or any of the ‘network’ of sites.

    Richard aka Spengs


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