Summer 1990



Pg. 10 “The Good, the Bad and the Busted!”
Four ghastly ghosts impersonate The Real Ghostbusters and rob a bank. When the guys end up in the slammer, the ghosts go after the ecto-containment unit!

Pg. 15 Hidden Name Game
Everybody’s name is hidden in a puzzle. See if you can find them.

Pg. 18 “Club Dread”
When the guys go on a vacation, Peter starts chasing after a mysterious phantom. The others think he has a screw loose, until…

Pg. 22 It’s Scienterrific!
Meet five incredibly cool scientists who study everything from the stars to chimpanzees to garbage!

Pg. 26 Peter and the Ghosts
Thirteen ghosts try to trap Peter in this board game for you and a friend to play. Who’s gonna get who. Peter or the ghosts?



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