Summer 1989



Pg. 6 Winston’s Wild Ride
Help Winston steer Ecto-1 through the streets of New York in this tricky maze.

Pg. 12 “The Speed Demon”
It’s off to the races as The Real Ghostbusters try to catch a speeding spook.

Pg. 18 Ghostbusters II Photo Album
A special look at some scenes from this summer’s hottest movie!

Pg. 20 The Real Ghostbusters Magazine Readers’ Survey/Sweepstakes
Questions for you to answer, and prizes for you to win!

Pg. 21 “Did You Call The Plumber?”
An evil ghost, disguised as a plumber, invades the Fire Station!

Pg. 24 Trivia Quiz
How much do you really know about The Real Ghostbusters? Check your ghostly brainpower with this exciting trivia quiz!

Pg. 29 Hidden Hauntings
Can you find the ghosts hidden at The Real Ghostbusters’ Headquarters?

Pg. 31 Break The Secret Code
Use this special code to send secret messages to your friends.



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