Spring 1990



Pg. 10 The Real Ghostbusters Trivia Race
It’s off to the races as you and a friend fight to the finish of he first ever ghostbusting trivia race.

Pg. 12 “The Last Staw”
The Real Ghostbusters make a little bit too much hay when they visit Louis Tully’s uncle at his farm.

Pg. 18 The REAL Real Ghostbusters Fire Station
Discover what goes on inside a working firehouse.

Pg. 22 ”Who’s Slimy Now?”
Egon and Slimer switch bodies, Yeech!

Pg. 25 Janine’s Messy Memory Puzzle
Janine’s desk is quite a mess! Test your memory to see if you can remember where everything is.

Pg. 26 ”Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You”
A futurist tells us about the new gadgets that are on the way.

Pg. 28 Seafood Surprise
Help The Real Ghostbusters straighten out these monster-ously mixed-up words.



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