Fall 1990



Pg. 10 “Beware the Terrordactyl!”
All the dinosaurs are gone, right? That’s what the guys thought-until they met what came out of the egg!

Pg. 18 The Phantom Cabby
Will this taxi-driving spook wreck Janine’s dream date with Egon?

Pg. 22 King of the Ghostbusters’ Fans
Peter Mosen has gathered the most awesome Ghostbusters’ collection anywhere.

Pg. 24 Superstitions!
Maybe you have them, and maybe you don’t. Take a peek and find out the origins of these common superstitions.

Pg. 27 Mr. Magic, a.k.a. Ray Stantz
Your pal Ray gets out from under the hood of Ecto-1 to share some of his favorite magic tricks.

Pg. 29 The Worm Game
You and a friend can have slimy, slippery fun drawing a worm that gets longer…and longer…and longer.

Pg 31 Find the Phantom
Help Ray track down the ghosts hiding out at a haunted mansion.



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