Fall 1989



Pg. 1 Hunt For Slimer
Can you find the five places that Slimer is hiding in this issue? If so, you might win a prize!

Pg. 12 “Red Light. Green Light”
A ghost in the traffic lights of New York City causes ghostly gridlock and huge headaches for The Real Ghostbusters.

Pg. 18 “Ghoul School”
An easy-to-read, word-picture story about a ghost that turns things upside-down in a school building.

Pg. 20 The Real Ghostbusters Board Game
Use the secret passageways, climb the hidden stairs, and make your way to the “Room of the Ghost!”

Pg. 22 “The Haunted Mall”
It’s Halloween madness as a group of holiday-minded spirits take over a shopping mall.

Pg. 26 Spectacular Scenes From Ghostbusters II
A look at some of the coolest equipment and hottest effects from everyone’s favorite movie!

Pg. 28 Ready, Set, Draw Your Gun!
Egon has a new proton gun, but what does it look like? That’s up to you. Draw the gun, then color the page.



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