Volume 2, Issue 4: February 1992


Tobin and the Maze of Time Pt. V

The Ghostbusters’ quest draws to a close as Tobin’s hologram leads them to his work chamber. There, they find Tobin near the end of his life and Janine mysteriously with him. Now, the Ghostbusters must figure out once and for all how to get home, save Tobin, and why Egon is about to blast Janine with a proton pack!

A View to a Chill!

The Ghostbusters are called to the Metropolitan Art Gallery to take on a ghost that was haunting one of their new paintings. They’re taken on a merry chase through the hallowed halls of fantastic art as the picturegeist jumps from painting to painting. Only Egon’s genius will pull the ghost out into clear view once and for all and allow the boys to blast and trap it!



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