Volume 2, Issue 3: January 1992


Tobin and the Maze of Time Part IV

Ray rejoins the group, regaling them with his tale of facing off against the Loch Ness Monster armed with only a…bagpipe? Peter pops up as well, telling the guys how he helped a very dead Joan of Arc in her final mission. Now, they all have a piece of some kind of puzzle which may either lead them to Tobin, or to something far worse.

Hide & Squeak!

It appears Slimer is up to his old ways again, eating the Ghostbusters out of house and home. However, it turns out it’s actually a ghost mouse eating all the food…an invisible ghost mouse! Slimer must expose the uninvited houseguest before the Ghostbusters get fed up with him and give him a time out in the Containment Unit!



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