Volume 2, Issue 2: December 1991


Tobin and the Maze of Time Part III

The Ghostbusters find themselves split up and face-to-face with beings and creatures out of mythology and legend; Winston runs for his life from the Minotaur with Daedalus and Egon is faced with the riddle of the Sphinx. If both men can’t keep their wits about them, they may not live long enough to find the others and save Tobin.

Little Devil

Janine is surprised when she finds a baby with a note on her doorstep. She brings Little Hank (as the note calls him) to the firehouse where the guys are instantly smitten. However, Janine’s good fortune turns into a serious misadventure in babysitting when the guys learn the hard way there may be more to Hank than they all thought.



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