Slimer! Issue 1


Slimer was becoming an increasingly popular character in the Ghostbusters franchise amongst the kids. DIC Entertainment recognized this and promptly changed the name of the animated series to Slimer! & The Real Ghostbusters in 1988, introducing 15 minute Slimer solo episodes in the second half of each show. NOW Comics recognized this as well, and a year later released the Slimer! comics series, featuring the same style artwork as used in the cartoons, the supporting cast, and towards the series’ end Ghostbusters back-up stories.” – NYGB Comic Guide

Slimer! Issue 1: May 1989

A Kindly Ghost

It’s Ray’s birthday, and everyone is pitching in to throw him a big bash, even Slimer. However, party preparations get interrupted when the bell rings and the guys have to go out on a call. Slimer helps Janine in the kitchen until she needs to go to the store for an ingredient, leaving Slimer on his best behavior. However, a strange howling attracts him to a full ghost trap left in Egon’s lab. Moved by the spirit’s plea from within, Slimer releases Sparky the ghost. Sparky’s sole desire is to scare people and cause mischief. Slimer tries to keep him under control, but Sparky strikes out on his own when he deems him “un ghostly”, leaving Slimer with a mess to clean up.

Ghostly Plumbing

Slimer returns to the Hotel Sedgewick where a plumber’s convention was about to take place. His interest? A poster of a giant cake with a woman popping out. Enlisting the help of his friend Fred the dog, Slimer tries to infiltrate the hotel by any means necessary while ducking the hotel’s owner, crabby Mr. Grout, and get his just deserts!



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