Issue 21 – May 1990


Issue 21: May 1990


The Ghostbusters are busy as hell and can’t take the pace much longer. Egon, instead of enlisting more help, builds more help in the form of Ecto-X; a mechanical Ghostbuster that can track, blast and trap a spook. Soon, however, Ecto-X’s outstanding performance soon casts the Ghostbusters out of the limelight. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, it eventually turns on them!

The Spooked Suit!

The Ghostbusters get a call to deal with a ghost turning a man’s suits plaid every time he puts them on. Egon takes the suit for analysis, but realizes the spook may be more challenging than he thought.

Neanderthal Nightmare!

The Ghostbusters respond to a call that a caveman is loose in a local store. They investigate, but arrive too late. Or, so they thought as they emerge to find Ecto-1 smashed up outside. More reports of cavemen pour in around the city, leaving the Ghostbusters with some big problems.



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