1993 Annual – December 1992


Trick or Treat or Defeat

It’s Halloween time again, and a kindly old man is giving away free Halloween stuff to kids. But, as with most Halloweens, things are not always as they seem; the kindly old man turns out to be Samhain conducting his latest gamble to take over the world! With his sinister treats scattered all around the city, this may be the final trick unless the Ghostbusters can discover his plan and defeat him once again!

Pandora’s Box

The Ghostbusters return from the Pentagon with Professor Epimetheus’ device; a doorway to another dimension. Afraid to dismantle it without the Professor present, Egon and Peter embark on an adventure through the portal in order to track the Professor down. However, they find themselves in an all-too-familiar place; Boo York, home of the Peoplebusters!



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