NOW Comics


NOW c o m i c s was the comic book publisher in the United States during the 1980s and early 1990s which created The Real Ghostbusters (and later Slimer!) comics based on The Real Ghostbusters, the cartoon spin-off from the hit movie Ghostbusters.

Ecto-Containment has scanned every issue of The Real Ghostbusters comics and restored them to like new condition. Almost as they would have appeared at news stands, comic book shops, and other fine retailers on release day.

The comics were available to download page by page since 2012. Beginning in 2013 and ongoing comics were and are bring made into PDF files which can be read on your computer and other mobile devices thanks to Richard Roy and Matthew Jordan, who oversees the Ghostbusters Wiki.


rgbcomic1cover rgbcomic2cover rgbcomic3cover rgbcomic4cover


rgbcomic5cover rgbcomic6cover rgbcomic7cover rgbcomic8cover rgbcomic9cover rgbcomic10cover rgbcomic11cover rgbcomic12cover rgbcomic13cover rgbcomic14cover rgbcomic15cover rgbcomic16cover

Ghostbusters II

rgbgb2coverpt1 rgbgb2pt2cover rgbgb2pt3cover


rgbcomic17cover rgbcomic18cover rgbcomic19cover rgbcomic20coverrgbcomic21cover rgbcomic22cover rgbcomic23cover rgbcomic24coverrgbcomic25cover rgbcomic26cover rgbcomic27cover


rgbcomic28cover rgbcomicissue0cover rgbcomicvol2issue1cover rgbcomicvol2issue2cover


rgbcomicvol2issue3cover rgbcomicvol2issue4cover


rgbannual92cover rgbannual93cover



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