Nintendo Power May/June 1990


Written By: Richard Roy, Declassifying Nintendo Power Since Just Now

With Ghostbusters II 28th anniversary less than 5 days away I had what I thought would be a great idea. Share an out of print Nintendo Power that covered Ghostbusters II. Then came a problem with that idea in mind. I don’t own a physical copy of Issue/Volume 12 from May/June 1990. I reached out to ghostheads and received some help. Thanks to Ralph, Adam, Jon, and David.

I probably hadn’t looked at Nintendo Power since 2011. I also didn’t remember Nintendo didn’t really cover their version of Ghostbusters II. Part of a “Video Shorts”section, Nintendo Power devoted a whole 2, yes TWO paragraphs to the game. No wonder this volume hadn’t been preserved to Ghostbusters sites.


The Ghostbusters Vault run by David Boozer told me about Nintendo Power Archive. A site that writes about and shares scans from Nintendo Power. Now that we’re playing with computer power I saved some individual scans, lightly cleaned them up, and made a PDF of Issue/Volume 12 from May/June 1990. The much smaller PDF then usual has been added to The Magazine Rack.


With the skimpy article meant for kids, I have some bonus material to level up, (I promise that’s the last reference) for Nintendo Ghostbustin’ needs.

Previously scanned as part of a larger project I’ve added both NES Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II players guides to The Magazine Rack.

June 1984

April 1990

May/June 1990



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