Playmobil Ghostbusters Sets

Written By: Richard Roy

Playmobil (US) has been preparing (GBI Blog Post, January 9, 2017) to release their line of Ghostbusters play sets. Something that could have only been imaginable 30 years ago. If you were an older kid like myself, you didn’t imagine the two would go together. They would have then as they will today.

Playmobil revealed their upcoming Ghostbusters play sets to ghostheads. Except for what I perceive as modern packaging design, these sets feel like they could easily be re-releases from 1987.


Its arguable if Playmobil saved the best for last. If you’re going to have Playmobil Ghostbusters, equipment, ghosts, a big plastic marshmallow figure, and the car, they all need somewhere to play.

Playmobil thought (I think) of everything. A 228 piece Playmobil Ghostbusters firehouse! Reminding ghostheads very much of Kenner’s Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ.

I’m not sure why Playmobil Janine time traveled from 1989, replacing her 1984 self. Their must be an imaginative reason. It didn’t seem to alter the timeline much as Playmobil Spengler is examining Playmobil Tully. Sure, there is a Playmobil library ghost outside the firehouse. Which isn’t common unless the Playmobil Ecto-Containment Unit was shut down.

  • Figures: Spengler, Stantz, Janine, Tully, Library Ghost.
  • Total # Of Pieces: 228.
  • Retail Price: $70 USD.


It’s always easier to bust Playmobil ghosts when you have a way to get around Playmobil City. Playmobil ECTO-1 looks fairly accurate to the real ’59 Caddy combo. Nitpicky from the packaging, seems like the front lower grille has two extra lights.

Not content to let the guys go crusin’ around Playmobil City bustin ghosts, Playmobil Janine (from 5 years later) joins Playmobil Winston. Playmobil Proton Packs must have some efficiency rating as both Playmobil Winston and Playmobil Janine can bust ghosts one handed! Just in case, Playmobil Ghost Traps are at the ready.

How cool is this? Playmobil ECTO-1 sirens light up and has authentic Ghostbusters sounds. Hopefully it won’t be as loud as Trendmasters Extreme ECTO-1.

  • Figures: Zeddemore, Janine
  • Total # Of Pieces: 79.
  • Retail Price: $45 USD.

Additional Ghostbusters sets from Playmobil:

  • Playmobil Spengler with a ghost.
  • Playmobil Venkman with Playmobil Gatekeeper and Terror Dogs.
  • Playmobil Slimer with a full food vendor cart which includes a food vendor!
  • Playmobil Stay-Puft, standing at 8″ with Playmobil Stantz.

You can read more about them at Ecto-Containment.

Playmobil Ghostbusters sets are scheduled for retail on May 17, 2017.



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