The Magazine Rack


Nearly two months ago I was tasked with making Ghostbusters Firehouse more like its brick and mortar location when possible. I knew a pretty good place to start too, Ghostbusters reading material.

A new section was added to build from, based off Ghostbusters waiting room. In an era before mobile technological devices, one might read some kind of periodical or other printed material. True, you could watch TV. This is the Ghostbusters website, not the tall, glass skyscraper we know as Ghostbusters Inc.

If you’ve visited Ecto-Containment anytime since 2011 you’ve seen the various incarnations of how Ghostbusters printed material has appeared on-line. While that worked well enough during the last couple of years it was decided to bring exiting publications home.

Where might you find such printed material? If its neat and organized, in The Magazine Rack! On Ghostbusters Firehouse that’s where you can find PDFs of The Electric Company, The Real Ghostbusters Magazine, The Real Ghostbusters jumbo coloring book, and issues of NOW Comics The Real Ghostbusters and Slimer! comics.

Each file can either be read on your computer or mobile device. They’re also downloadable files for your off-line reading leisure.

Special thanks to Richard Roy for scanning his personal copies and Matthew Jordan (who oversees Ghostbusters Wiki) for either making PDFs from Richard’s scans or making the PDF file sizes small as possible.


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