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My employers are pretty use to having their likeness and personalities on just about any piece of collectible merchandise you can think of. At times having another toy figure of themselves is just another day. That’s a reason they have employees like me and the Rookies. I certainly don’t have my own Ghostbusters “action” figure. Although I could, sorta. (GB Inc)

Diamond Select Toys, a long time business associate having a 7″ Ghostbusters figure line is a big and exciting deal. We’ve written multiple blog posts (GB Inc) about the upcoming figure line. Since New York Toy Fair, Zach Oats, who works for DST has been providing more details on Ghostbusters Selects.

Order in which figures will be released:

Dana may not be figure 3 in Series 1 — waiting on approvals for seven figures, we’ll see who gets approved first.

Distribution of figures:

We never aim for only online distribution, aside from the occasional online-retailer exclusive. Our distributor is Diamond Comic Distributors, and they sell to nearly 3,000 comic shops and toy retailers around the world. Some of those are online-only, including Amazon, but most are brick-and-mortar or a combination. I believe that Hastings and Toys”R”Us (N.A.) will both be on board, although TRU will probably not include the diorama pieces (see our Universal Monsters line). 

Not 100% sure about our international rights, but we distribute our GB items through Diamond Comics UK, so I would at least expect to see them in UK stores, including Forbidden Planet. Probably wherever you have seen our Minimates or vinyl banks.

About Proton Packs/Streams:

Packs should be removable. 

I believe the streams will be translucent — most of our prototypes are painted, not cast in the actual colors, so it’s rare that translucent parts are prototyped as such.

Lifeguard PASS on Series I Ghostbusters Figures:

Not sure why the lifeguards made it into a Series 1 design, but we’ll see if that will change. Probably not.


 Also believe any repeats of the four GB in that 12-figure line-up will have new sculpted parts, even if they use the original head or pants. The standard GB will not share many parts between them, if any.

And I should clarify, paint-only variants on the Ghostbusters are possible, but I do not think they would be part of the main line. More likely exclusives that are optional purchases, and not necessary for the diorama. Our Stargate line did something similar. Repeated Ghostbusters in the 12-figure series should be fairly different.

Ghostbusters II figures:

GB2 would only come after all 12 figures in the GB1 line. So it’s a ways off, if it happens.

Possible props:

No prop plans that I am aware of, but you can write to the president to gauge his interest via Ask DST.


Look for the first three to be solicited as early as a month from now. Also, the Slimer pizza cutter and either the Slimer, GB logo or Stay-Puft bottle opener.

Should we get more official information, we’ll post more. 8)



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