The Tools Of The Trade

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When importing The Tools from the way back machine I knew more equipment pics could be added. I also wasn’t totally satisfied with the original equipment pictures. Those could have been replaced with about the same photos. Their were either watermarks (go figure) or digital timestamps from some obsolete Sony Cybershot.

I “politely borrowed” a few pictures. They should be flattered really. Those talented ghostheads were credited on the Links page, near the top. And if you really want your prop replica pics removed, let me know. No problem. For some other equipment I somewhat painstakingly took pics of my personal Ghostbusters gear. What did I exactly do?

In The Tools section are artistic photos showing the equipment the Ghostbusters often use. I’m not hating on Ghostbusters II, equipment like Slime Blowers and Tripod Trap(s) could be be eventually added. I also didn’t add the Ecto Containment Unit. I will should I get more personal pics of a 1:1 replica.

I’ve had an idea for advanced equipment pages, possibly an employees only kinda deal. For a possible future update. If or until then I built individual pages (going mostly in order of how we first saw the tools in Ghostbusters) for each piece of equipment.


It could be argued that the uniforms aren’t exactly a tool. It wouldn’t have felt right not to have included them. On the uniforms page I wrote with Dr. Stantz’s guidance a brief history of the Ghostbusters flight suits along with a “how to guide” for putting together a Ghostbusters or Ghostbusters II uniform. Its much more direct then my lengthy Suits article over at GB Inc. Can you believe that article is at least 6 years old?

The uniform pic is an actual screen used flight suit that was auctioned off in 2008. It didn’t have a name tag patch. I fittingly added Rookie.

Ecto Googles

The two Ecto Googles pics belong to Spengler28. They’re well made and were photographed well. The display was also originally suited to the other original pictures we’ve used.

PKE Meter/Proton Pack

The Proton Pack and PKE Meter I used for Ghostbusters Firehouse are part of my collection. I’ve owned that currently dusty Proton Pack since June 2000. Yeah, the PKE is from Matty Collector, it works well enough for most purposes. I took photos late this afternoon.

Belt Gizmo

The Belt Gizmo pic we’re using belongs to Bill Malkin. A friend, colleague, and original site designer to both Ghostbusters NJ and Ghostbusters NYC. I figured he wouldn’t mind, I’ve also credited him. His belt gizmo was partially built using Nick-A-Tron Props kit.

Ghost Trap

Speaking of, the two Ghost Trap pics came from Nick-A-Tron Props site. I briefly considered using his Proton Pack pic, decided against it partially because I didn’t want to borrow a second prop replica from Nick (even though I recently ordered from him) and the background wasn’t quite right. :p

Without any further pandering Ghostbusters NYC The Tools.


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