Ghostbusters Nesting Dolls


The talented artist or artists at The Butler Art created the above 5 Ghostbusters nesting dolls. Technically Stay-Puft, of course the largest of the pieces isn’t a Ghostbuster. Nor the smallest piece, Slimer.

I’m not personally too familiar with nesting dolls, probably seemed too fancy and stuffy from when I was a kid. If their had been Ghostbusters and Super Mario Brothers I may have wanted them. If you couldn’t tell (honestly I couldn’t at first) The Butler Art nesting dolls are a little macabre. Compared to other franchises of that genre, its tame, even cute like. I originally thought Mr. Stay-Puft was enjoying something sweet. Raspberry? It kinda works, just don’t let Winston see this.

Overall the design, art, and expressions are well done. They even glow in the dark!



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