When Ghostbusters NYC originally launched, the Ectomobiles were part of The Tools. What we couldn’t have known then was that 5 years later (probably sooner to actually do the restoration) Sony was going to spend a “a load of bread to capitalize” on the one and only screen used 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Ambulance/Hearse combo. Known generally to everyone whose seen Ghostbusters as ECTO-1. Although it was called Ectomobile (in song) during Ghostbusters.

Past Ghostbusters 25th anniversary and into Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary if Sony wasn’t using ECTO-1 for an event, it can be found on Sony’s backlot (don’t quote me on that) where it has been seen as part of a tour. As that has been the case and it was a milestone year for Ghostbusters, plenty of fans got to see the choice ’59 Cadillac.

One of those fans was “Dak_4706.” On a day I happened to be looking for something Ghostbusters related I came across his Flickr album of ECTO-1 pics. I knew for the realism of some of the sites “we” could use some pictures if their was a need. Their really wasn’t as during Ghostbusters 30th anniversary their were plenty of sites and articles pertaining to just about every aspect of Ghostbusters.

When building Ghostbusters Firehouse I knew exactly where to find almost up-to-date ECTO-1 photos. ECTO-1A is more challenging as unfortunately (as most ghostheads have known) that once real life to movie car needs serious restoration. My  understanding is Sony had planned to restore Ecto-1A, as they basically went “all in” on ECTO-1, progress was halted on Ecto-1A.

A new ECTOmobiles page was created under The Tools mainly for ECTO-1. Their is “in character” information about both ECTO-1 and ECTO-1A. With Ecto-1A their is one “new” photo. Photos of Ecto-1A from filming Ghostbusters II may be added in a later update.

Enjoy the selected photos and for much larger and additional photos check out Dak_4706’s ECTO-1 Flickr album.


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