Welcome to Ghostbusters Firehouse


Written By: Richard Roy (Spengs)

Hey real Ghostbusters fans, we want to welcome you to the original GHOSTBUSTERS web site. Original and version 2.o. Or would that be version 3.1? Whatever version this is, its a major upgrade from a decade ago. Is their still cellophane on the About NYCGBs page?

What is this “Ghostbusters Firehouse?”

History – Franchise 0

When Ghostbusters Inc. (then Ghostbusters International) had a rather extensive and price rising business package near our humble beginnings on the internet a couple of the guys had an idea, make a business website for the Ghostbusters. Sure they’re mega famous, the Ghostbusters didn’t have a site. We were going to change that. The timing coincidentally or not was right. It was 2004, the 20th Anniversary of Ghostbusters. Locally we had launched a new GBI site and new franchise sites. GBI was like a full time job when I was already working.

Ghostbusters NJ co-founder Bill Malkin while busy in his own right built a company site that represents the starting point to GB Inc and every franchise or Ghostbusters group. It wouldn’t really need to be updated unless we chose to. That site was “Franchise Zero” (linked that way) and called Ghostbusters NYC. It was in a firehouse sub domain on the old servers (untouched) from 2004 to early 2014. When I decided to change hosting companies, Ghostbusters NYC was left to the internet archives.

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary/Ghostbusters II 25th Anniversary

Last year I brought Ghostbusters International (to become Incorporated) back. As much as I could I kept GB Inc. up-to-date with or without anniversary news and site content. I also kept up (not as much as I would have liked) with Ecto-Containment, my personal site/blog, and Ghostbusters NJ. While I thought of Franchise 0 I wasn’t planning on moving the site. I looked back on that site with happy nostalgia. Post both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II anniversaries I told Bill I was going to put the site back up. I may not have said it exactly that way. It would have been easy enough. sorta copy and paste the original text and images.

Ghostbusters NYC

Either thank or blame the failure of “snowmageddon” for this site. 😀 I had been sorta stuck inside. As it was snowing for more then a day and it wouldn’t have been smart to clean up outside I almost subconsciouslly made this new site. Using Ghostbusters as the back bone, Bill’s pre-existing creativity, and the technology at hand.

Not surprisingly in a decade their’s a great Ghostbusters group in NYC. Naturally it makes sense that they are really NYC Ghostbusters. The way the original is and how Bill titled the name, Ghostbusters NYC also fits the originals really well. I thought of the old sub domain, the fact that the “Ghostbusters Firehouse” is iconic in itself, and the fact that within the realism Ray lived at the former Hook & Ladder #8. Hence ghostbustersfirehouse within the new domain name.

Ghostbusters Firehouse

The heart of this site is still based on the realism of the Ghostbusters having a business web site. It was originally written as Ray from his perspective. I’ve only had to make minor changes in updating snippets of text and adding a little more where it was needed.

Hopefully the essence of this site will feel business like, will also be the Ghostbusters site. I feel Ghostbusters Firehouse can be at times a companion site to GB Inc, without the at times “corporate” feel.

There are feeds to both GB Inc. and Ecto-Containment. Along with GB Inc’s Twitter feed embedded. Which may be used for Ghostbusters Firehouse/Ghostbusters NYC. That’s to be determined.

As with our network (we have a network?) of sites you can follow/subscribe in a variety of ways.

 Additional Site Updates

Their’s some content (image wise) I haven’t brought over yet. Since 2004 there is most likely more high res images or even more physical media to update those original images.

Having one more blog could bring fresh (and retro) content. Not just a buzz word. Ghostbusters Firehouse doesn’t need to be updated frequently.

The timing really was coincidental. I had no former knowledge that those involved with that new Ghostbusters movie were going to make official announcements this week.  That provided motivation and helped bring me back to Ghostbusters roots.

Enjoy what was and has been created anew. As long as WordPress exists and I have an account with them, Ghostbusters Firehouse could last beyond Ghostbusters next anniversary.




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